Serving clients throughout the southeast

     Charlotte is home to one of the nation’s busiest airports, is the nation’s second largest

financial hub, home to the 2016 Super Bowl contender and AFC champion team, the Carolina

Panthers, and for race car fans, home to NASCAR. Many who reside here are called “halfbacks”

– those who move to the south from the north but then move “halfway” back when they choose

to be nearer their families but still enjoy all the benefits of the traditional South. These institutions

and people define the city as a vibrant center of commerce and great place to live. And, they also

define the work we do at Priscilla Goudreau Public Relations & Marketing every day because we

specialize in working with authors and clients in diverse industries throughout the Southeast.


                                        Our work spans beyond Charlotte to Nashville, Charleston, Columbia,

                                     Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill, Hilton Head, the Golden Isles of Georgia,

                                     Jacksonville and Amelia Island, FL, and more. We provide services in

                                     campaign, content and digital strategy, event coordination, writing, editing,

                                     and press relations. To our clients – both authors and those in diverse

                                     industries -- we bring subject matter expertise including healthcare, real estate, retail, and publishing. Specialty

                                     offerings—such as the breakthrough online web platform All About the Authors —enhance our ability to help clients                                            find public relations and marketing solutions, engage new communities, and build trust across audiences and                                                      markets.


                                        We also support the Women’s National Book Association Charlotte in literacy initiatives in a pro-bono capacity, as well                               as other groups supporting literacy such as the Bookmarks Festival of Books and Authors in Winston-Salem.


                                       We invite you to find out more about our firm and welcome your interest. We also invite you to send us your events                                          for posting on the site. And, if you’re interested in becoming an affiliate partner with Priscilla Goudreau Public Relations                                      & Marketing, we’d love to talk to you. Simply drop us a line and let’s talk.

Local Public Relations and Marketing firm boosts clients’ success in tough economy

Efficient, cost-effective campaigns build awareness and credibility


Charlotte, NC - Nov. 12, 2013 - Priscilla Goudreau Public

Relations & Marketing, a Charlotte, NC-based, full-service

public relations and marketing firm originally launched in

Jacksonville, FL in 1996 by high-impact communications pro

Priscilla Goudreau-Santos, serves a diverse spectrum

of clients including real estate, healthcare, retail and

publishing companies. Most recently, the firm also offers

marketing and promotional services for authors.


The 20-year-old company puts powerful marketing and

promotional skills to work that generate sales and establish

credibility for its clients, working as a partner, collaborator and

teammate to boost client success.  Its team first formulates the right game plan and then works the plan. After an initial meeting, the staff will set up monthly follow-up meetings to keep clients informed about campaign progress and to refine strategies to market changes. And, depending on client objectives, will bring in additional team members for a roundtable on best practices.


As a virtual firm, Priscilla Goudreau Public Relations & Marketing (PGPR&M) will contract and expand its service to meet a comprehensive marketing strategy that’s efficient and cost effective, creating “buzz” for its clients throughout Charlotte, NC and the Southeast region. .


“We specialize in writing informative, newsworthy copy and getting it into the right hands. With publicity and public relations, new and past customers will gain important information about our clients and remember them when they’re ready to purchase their product or service. Our team has the savvy and media contacts necessary to bring our clients the exposure and on-going publicity they need,” Goudreau-Santos said.


Goudreau-Santos is an accomplished communications pro with many years of public relations, journalism and marketing experience. She’s a Jacksonville, FL native and University of Florida graduate who served as marketing director for regional commercial real estate firm Baita Property Services, Inc. and as news reporter for The Florida Times-Union before beginning her own firm in 1996. She’s a former member of the Jacksonville Regional Chamber of Commerce and Professional Women’s Council.


Her impressive client roster includes Ethan Allen Jacksonville, U.S. Preventive Medicine, The Business Journal, The Florida Times-Union, Florida Real Estate Journal, Florida Realtor magazine, North Florida Doctor magazine, Central Florida Doctor magazine, Women’s Digest, Natural Awakenings, Southeast Veterinary Oncology, Jacksonville Regional Chamber of Commerce, Jacksonville Realtors® Freida Prince and Susie Mullinax, Realtor® Joni Zwick and Jacksonville Homebuyer magazine.


Dr. Tracy LaDue, founder and veterinary oncologist with Southeast Veterinary Oncology, had this to say about the 18-month public relations campaign with the firm launched in 2006, “What an excellent response to your first PR swing. You hit a home run. Not only has the exposure been exactly what I’d hoped for, we’ve had a tremendous response from those that read the front-page story about our client [a golden retriever named Cheeseburger]. We’re also getting many cards and notes directly. It’s wonderful.”


And, local teen suspense author Shannon Greenland describes the success of the recent campaign for her new book, “I’m very excited to announce I’ve been chosen as a featured author at the Amelia Island Book Festival [October 2008]. Many thanks to Priscilla Goudreau Public Relations & Marketing for arranging the interview and story by Charlie Patton that ran in Florida Times-Union. Kudos for your publicity efforts!”


Services offered by Priscilla Goudreau Public Relations & Marketing include campaign strategy and implementation, event planning, coordinating seminars, news coverage and publicity of company events, design and copy for display advertising, media buying and placement, and promoting client businesses online, within newsletters and in brochures.


For more information, call Priscilla Goudreau Public Relations & Marketing at 904-371-7751 or email her at to schedule an appointment and begin your new public relations and marketing program today.  




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