If no one knows who you are, how will they buy your book?

Where are you in your author journey? Did you know that marketing your book begins about the same time as writing your book or at least one year to six months before launch? Many authors are faced with this conundrum: if no one knows who you are, how will they buy your book? Traditional publishers also look to their authors to develop a following on their own. And, having an established following may be part of why an author is chosen for publication.

Publicist and Marketing Specialist, Priscila Goudreau-Santos will offer "Crafting Your Message, Beginning an Interactive Publicity Campaign" on Sat., Nov. 22 at the North Carolina Writers’ Network Fall Conference at the Sheraton Charlotte Hotel in Charlotte. This NCWN-sponsored workshop is for both published and yet-to-be published writers (both traditionally and self-published) who need help crafting a message and marketing strategy to get the word out about their books. Goudreau-Santos will talk about social media networking, websites, blogs, and traditional press releases and media contacts.

How do you begin crafting your message? Goudreau-Santos will offer tips about how to set yourself apart from other authors by posing these questions: How am I unique? Why did I write my book? Who is my market (including age group, gender and preferences)?

The best advice, says Goudreau-Santos, is to be creative and have fun. Use videos to set your campaign apart that you can post on your website, in your blog or send via link to your fans. If pictures are part of your message, then set up a Pinterest site and ask your followers to join and pin pictures to your boards. Make your campaign as interactive as possible. There are so many creative ways to set yourself apart and get noticed.

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