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"I’m happy to recommend Priscilla Goudreau-Santos to anyone who is looking for author and/or book publicity.  Priscilla brings a personal, dedicated approach to client promotion that is effective and productive.  She will take the time to tailor a marketing plan to fit your budget and time constraints.  After an initial evaluation of your needs, she will work closely with you to maintain regular contact and keep you informed of campaign progress and strategy changes.  Priscilla loves the book industry, and the desire to promote those who create books is her number one priority."  

       - Linda Vigen Phillips, Award-winning Young Adult Author, Crazy



What an excellent response to your first PR swing. You hit a home run. Not only has the exposure been exactly what I’d hoped for, we’ve had a tremendous response from those that read the front-page story about our client [a golden retriever named Cheeseburger]. We’re also getting many cards and notes directly. It’s wonderful.”

        - Dr. Tracy LaDue, Founder and Veterinary Oncologist, Southeast Veterinary Oncology



"Priscilla is an excellent resource as a writer with superb creative skills at public relations and marketing. She has a large network of colleagues in the advertising and publishing fields which supports the effectiveness of her work product. She has designed and produced the brochure used by Pelican Path Bed & Breakfast by the Sea for the past 11 years."

         -Joan Hubbard, Co-owner, Pelican Path Bed & Breakfast By the Sea



“I’m very excited to announce I’ve been chosen as a featured author at the Amelia Island Book Festival [October 2008]. Many thanks to Priscilla Goudreau Public Relations & Marketing for arranging the interview and story by Charlie Patton that ran in Florida Times-Union. Kudos for your publicity efforts!”

       - Shannon Greenland, Teen Suspense Author 

"Priscilla is a pleasure to work with. Friendly and caring, yet expert and results driven. Priscilla knows her stuff and can help you get your PR and Marketing goals accomplished."

        ​- Mark Goldwich, Owner of Gold Star Adjusters, LLC and Author of Uncovered, What                   Really happens After the Storm, Flood, Earthquake or Fire


"Priscilla is the consumate communications professional. Her client relations skills and expertise in communications, expecially "telling the story," is unsurpassed. I look forward to working with Priscilla on upcoming projects."

        - Brian Smith, CEO at THINC, LLC